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Will My Grades Drop?

<quote>Yes and No is the short answer, yes your grades will drop, no you will not become a worse student. a lot of you have grown up in a system where (for you) generally 95% is great, 85% is meh/normal, 75% is bad and that's the way you it has been all your lives. You need to re-evaluate what a grade actually means, a percentage grade is nothing more than the Sum of (Percent Completion of Work)*(Relative Weighting of Work) through a course. If 2 students have 90's in math but are in different classes, there is no way to tell who is a better student without more info, likewise if one has a 70% and the other a 90%, and are in different classes it is the same. If student A has a 70 in a PHD level maths course, and student B has a 90 in second grade math and they are the same age, student A is better at math, his 70 is better than student B's 90. The level of skill/achievement a grade represents is directly related to the course material, and is meaningless without it. </quote>
(credits to an unknown engineer that I stole this explanation from)
You have to just understand that dropping grades doesn’t mean you’re a bad student. If you’re passing and you feel you understand the information, then that’s good. People certainly fail exams where I could explain the content better than people who passed.
BUT don’t be okay with failing, use the Student Learning Support resources or speak with the Undergraduate Program Director

Is Co-op Worth It?

• In my opinion, not necessary but not a waste of time either • It is a great learning experience to get you ready to work before it is “real” workplaces • Some people don’t want to spend an extra year before graduation • It’s great because you can get paid a good amount • Need a 2.8 GPA to apply at end of first year and a 3.0 afterwards to stay in the co-op option • Also good because if you don’t know what area you want to go into, this can be a great way to learn what areas you enjoy or hate • At the end of the day, if you know your stuff you’ll be hired shortly after graduation with or without co-op