Why Ryerson?

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At the end of the day, there are reasons to pick Ryerson and there are reasons to pick another university. No university is better than any other one in every way. Ryerson has certain advantages and certain disadvantages and you need to figure out which are more important to you. Here are some common things that are unique to Ryerson.

Being Downtown

  • This is great because there is so much stuff like 24/7 transit and food options and it is exciting and there are always things to do.
  • You can visit OCAD, U of T, George Brown friends because all their campuses are within walking distance
  • Somewhat safer because there are always people around AND we also have security that will walk you around campus if its late at night and you call them

Used to be a College/Polytechnic Institute

  • We specialize in hands on learning, which is a skill that many people are looking for these days, as opposed to pure theory
  • We have been doing computer related things for quite a long time, and this means we have a lot of experience in this field

Computer Science Program We just changed our curriculum and it is much better now, there were old courses that were not relevant any more that have been removed from the curriculum

  • Not as much math is mandatory BUT you can still take lots of extra math courses as electives because we have a lot of elective spots in upper years. Math is incredibly important to CS Majors, and its great that we have space for them in our curriculum
  • Our curriculum is similar to most other universities, offering a good basis for computer science, and allowing lots of room to choose what courses you want to take
    • If you're wondering if the professors are good or bad, you're going to find great, average and terrible professors wherever you go. But the great this is we have wonderful support systems for when you don't understand a course, or a professor isn't teaching how you'd like.