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As a computer science student, if you are experiencing problems or difficulties understanding any concepts or material from class, there are resources available to you.

Professor Office Hours

Every professor is required to have office hours available to students. Your professor knows the material of the course the best, and your professor's office hours should be your first stop for any help in courses. Check the course syllabus to see when and where your professor has office hours. Ask your professor if it's OK to email or call them during office hours as well.

Student Learning Support

New in the 2015, with the construction of the Student Learning Centre, a whole floor was created for a central, consolidated location for all the services provided by Student Learning Support. Undergraduate students were hired to provided group tutoring available to students for free.

There are SEVEN different support areas in Student Learning Support (SLS) that are free to students and dedicated to helping students:

Math Support

  • Open drop-in room where students can show up without registering and get math help in most undergraduate maths from a student that is pursuing their Ph.D in Mathematics.

Writing Support

  • For students struggling with any sort of writing, you can book an appointment with a Graduate student staff to get help. Whether it's a lab report or essay, writing support can help. Book an appointment: BOOK NOW

English Language Support

  • Help available to students that use English as an Additional Language. Get help with writing, speaking, reading or oral presentations in a stress and judgement-free environment

Academic Accommodation Support

  • For students that identify as someone with a disability, or feel they may have one. Many services are provided to students to ensure success. Call 416-598-5978 for more info.

Study Skills and Transition Support

  • Support is available for students to develop general study skills like time management, test taking or avoid procrastination. They run a few science course tutoring sessions a well. Also there are programs for students that are on probation or have been Required to Widthdraw (RTW) to help them get their grades back up.

Graduate Student Support

  • Available to help graduate students work in their thesis or dissertations.

Test Centre

  • Allows students to book make-up tests for tests or exams that they missed, once they get permission from their professor or department.

View the fall 2015 semester SLG schedule (Word Document)

These SLG sessions are drop-in, and don't require you to book an appointment.


EducationAboutStuff is a YouTube channel created by Ryerson Computer Science student Daniel Gagnon-King. The channel consists of video tutorials he has recorded and uploaded. The videos on this channel are most likely very relevant to your studies since the content shown is material learned from lectures here at Ryerson.


Pointers was a volunteer-run, CSCU organized group tutoring session that is no longer held. The services provided by Pointers have been made redundant after the introduction of Ryerson's Student Learning Support expansion to include tutoring for Computer Science courses.