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As the costs of some developer tools can be prohibitively expensive for students, some organizations allow students free access for educational purposes. This is a list of developer tool access programs for students.


Program Organization Description Program Type (Software, Services)
GitHub Student Pack GitHub Partnering with other organizations in the industry, including Namecheap, DigitalOcean, TravisCI, Amazon and Microsoft, to create a software and service pack to allow students to learn tools through experience. Mixed
Microsoft Azure for DreamSpark Microsoft As a student, Microsoft gives you access to free web hosting services through Azure for as long as your are enrolled. Services
Dreamspark Microsoft/OnTheHub Dreamspark gives students licences to most of Microsoft's developer tools. Mixed
Student Product Pack Jetbrains Jetbrains gives students a free All Product Pack, which normally costs over $500 year. Students can use the software for educational purposes, and must renew their licences yearly. Software
Office in Education Microsoft Not necessarily a "developer tool", but all students will have to eventually use an office suite for something. Microsoft offers a free Office365 subscription to all students. Software
Autodesk software for students and educators Autodesk Access to the complete suite of Autodesk software. Software

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