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Signing Up for Classes

Get ready to be destroyed by RAMSS everyone because that ancient piece of technology is exactly what Ryerson expects you to pick your courses on. Good news is that your mandatory courses will already be picked for you. You’ll only need to select which Science (Biology, Chemistry or Physics) and your elective (Ryerson calls electives a Liberal Studies course)
For course selections you’ll want to go to Enrol/Drop/Swap section. To do this you can either do a search for the course code you want or you can go to “My Classes Offered” tab in RAMSS and it will show you what your suggested classes are for that semester (it will show in first semester you’re suggested to take either Bio, Chem or Physics and you can pick one of them) Technically you don’t have to take what the Course Schedule says you have to take in first year. You could always switch Calculus with Linear Algebra or whatever, the curriculum schedule is just what’s suggested as a best course Also if you don’t follow it you could run into problems where you don’t have the proper prerequisites to take a course, so be careful If you’re going to do this, speak with the Undergraduate Program Director


Don’t listen to people who say 8AM Classes suck, or that you should hate evening and night class or whatever. Some classes will suck no matter when they are! Honestly so many factors play into this, some people like waking up and finishing their day early, some like the opposite. Some like their classes all spaced out and some people like all of their classes back to back
Student Opinion
I personally did my first semester as all 8AM courses and my second semester I learned what I liked and did not like about that and took a few less then, but really it doesn’t matter if its an 8AM course because if you have an 8AM course you’ll go to bed at 12, and if you have an 11AM course, you’ll go to bed three hours later, from my experience anyway.
Having classes with friends can be great, but can also mean you pay attention less, and we all say we won’t get distracted but you definitely will at least once. Even having group chats will distract you, even if you don’t sit or have class with friends so watch out. But also like who cares most PowerPoints are posted online so do whatever you want but when you fail a course, you can’t appeal your grades because Facebook Messenger distracted you.

How to Read Course Codes

Visit Academics

Should I Learn Anything Over Summer

You can see what courses you’re expected to take, so look at them and see if there’s anything that’s really foreign to you and want to get a head start on. All of the courses are meant to start from scratch, even calculus, so there’s nothing you NEED to know. There are summer prep courses run through Ryerson:
They will have courses that run near the end of August, great way to learn some stuff and meet people. Coding is always great to know things in, so if you want learning beginner Java or C would be best, but again not necessary