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The main departmental labs available to undergraduates are ENG201/202/203/205, ENG206 and ENG211. The lab schedule is available here. All the labs contain whiteboards and a Smart Board presentation devices. When the George Vari Engineering and Computing Centre becomes key locked on weekends and weekday evenings the labs lock as well. At these times you will still be able to enter the labs, just remember to bring your OneCards. Only Computer Science students will be able to unlock CS Labs with their OneCards. ENG206 and ENG211 are always key-locked.

Lab Schedules

Below is a table of the schedules labs for undergraduate-accessible lab rooms. These are the same schedules posted on the doors of each room.

Lab Schedule Link


Each of these labs contains 36 Dell OptiPlex 9010 Core i7 machines which triple boot into Windows 7, a local Debian Linux environment and the moon chooser. ENG 202 also contains a laser printer.


This open lab is available as a drop in space for CS students except under special circumstances. It contains 24 machines configured as in ENG201/202/203/205 and has a laser printer. It also contains workspaces with Ethernet hookups and LCD displays.


ENG 211 is no longer an undergraduate lab, it has been reallocated as a Graduate Student lab.