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Jetbrains produces a number of high quality IDEs. CLion is a C/C++ IDE compatible with CMake build files. IntelliJ is a professional quality Java IDE. Students can use them in the labs or request a license for their own machine here.

Running Jetbrains Toolbox in the SCS Labs (Ubuntu)

In order to make it run properly in the labs we need to move the app directory out of the user home directory as they are too large for the disk quota. Here we install a small SystemD user service that links them to /tmp.


To download and run the script:

curl -O
curl -O
gpg --keyserver --recv-keys ADA252A06699DA4260E584FB64AEAE6D3A65D85D
gpg --verify

Only proceed if the signature verification step succeeds in verifying a signature by To install run:

chmod +x

After completion, open the file browser and run the app found at:

Skip the sign in, download your IDE (CLion/IntelliJ/PyCharm/etc) and run it. Choose license server from the activation page and it should autodetect the SCS license server.
  1. This script is licensed GPLv3 with source available here: