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How Courses Work

Most of your courses will have lecture components and lab/tutorial components. This means you’ll meet with your professor once or twice a week to sit in a room and listen to them teach for up to 3 or 4 hours per week. In addition, to actually practice the material taught in lecture or to do quizzes on it. These will be called labs or tutorials and are ususally only one or two hours per week. The labs are run by graduate students in the program (Called TA's) who will go over the week’s lecture materials and possibly mark some sort of assessment you are supposed to complete in the lab. For CS this usually amounts to 25 – 30 hours of class and lab time in each week for first year. Depends which science course you take and if you take a liberal that has a lab or not.

How to Read Course Codes

Example: CPS 109-042

  • CPS: The letters mean the program, in this case it’s Computer Science
  • 109: means the course number. This corresponds to Computer Science 1
  • 042: means the section and the ID code. 04 means section 4 and the 2 means it is a lab. (1 would be a lecture)
  • So overall it is a Computer Science lab for the course Computer Science 1, and you're in section 4.

Building Codes

You’ll learn to speak like a Ryerson student and someone will say KHE 113 and you’ll know exactly where that is. Some important codes for CS and general students:

  • ENG – George Vari Engineering and Computing Centre
  • SLC – Student Learning Centre
  • SCC – Student Campus Centre
  • KHN/KHS/KHE/KHW – Kerr Hall North/South/East/West (all one building but its so big we give different areas different codes to make it easier)
  • POD – Podium Building
  • LIB – Library Building
  • All of this can be found at

Equity Centres in RSU

The Ryerson Student’s Union (RSU) offers a lot of support to students in marginalized communities, such as the LGBT+ community to students with disabilities.
Here is a List of the 6 Equity Centres:

  1. RyePride
  2. Trans Collective
  3. RyeAccess
  4. Good Food Centre
  5. Racialized Students Collective
  6. Centre for Women and Trans People

These can be found at: