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Why Go To Frosh Week

Frosh week is an amazing event organized by almost all departments at the University. It is meant to introduce incoming students to the environment and atmosphere of university in a fun way before classes start. There's a ton of events that are meant to engage students and allow them opportunities to get used to university before classes start. It is also designed to help students meet other incoming students, and upper year students that can help them out.
Frosh week is usually just over 7 days of fun events, that are intended to welcome students into university in the most fun way possible. It is really a great opportunity, THAT IS FREE BY THE WAY, for you to test out university and meet people. If you come to frosh week with an open, positive mind then you're sure to enjoy it. Some events that have happened in the past are:

  • Dodgeball
  • Quidditch
  • Formal Gala (there is usually a small fee for this one)
  • Movie Nights
  • and tons more!

Visit The Frosh Website for more info! (Info for this year's orientation may not be posted until later summer)

Student Opinion:
Seriously it’s a great time to meet people, have fun and enjoy the last week of summer. I went to the first day of frosh week and I went home early. On the bus ride home I told myself that I should go back and just make friends or I would regret it later. So I got back on the bus and went right back to campus. It was definitely the best decision I have made so far in university. Even though I went to a basketball game and I don’t care for or enjoy sports at all, I had tons of fun. I met a bunch of really good friends and overall just had a great time. If you go to frosh you’ll meet tons of people, and you may not stay friends with all of them but its great to just know all of them and have a good week. If you show up and you at least stick with a group and participate you’ll find it easy to make friends, I was never good at making friends, but I still managed (Although if it really isn’t your thing, you don’t have to go to Frosh week to make friends, just talk to people in the first week of classes. Just way less fun in my opinion). Frosh week isn’t all dumb events, or all drunk events either. There’s tons of stuff for everyone and if you participate and just have a good mindset you’ll enjoy things you wouldn’t normally enjoy (like how I somehow enjoyed a basketball game).

Science Frosh

The Science Society runs it's own orientation. It is usually a separate day or two where science students can go to science-specific events, while general frosh is happening. The day will start with your Academic Orientation, which is mandatory and will teach you all about your program. It's very important to learn about your program, your professors and other things that are specific to you that you will need to know throughout your life here.
After this session, you will be split into groups and partake in fun events, that hope to accomplish the same goals as general frosh, except with other science students. It's great to know students from all faculties, but science students are the people you'll be spending the next four/five (or more) years with. Getting to know other science students is great because after your first semester, chances are you'll never take a class with the other science students. It's great from social and professional perspectives to know other science students, because all sciences can interact in and outside of school to create and research great things. One science on it's own cannot do much, we need the sciences to work together to be successful.