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The following are a list of contacts that you should know about for a variety of different reasons. Chances are you’ll have to work with most people on this list at some point

Computer Science Contacts

Computer Science Front Desk, (ENG 288)

  • You go here for a variety of reasons, sometimes your assignments are due here etc.
  • Any minor inquiries and you don’t know where to go, especially when its about grades, or the program this is the place to start
  • If you want to speak with some of the professors in the department, their offices are behind the front desk and they need to let you in

Lori Fortune, Computer Science Administrative Assistant (ENG 288)

  • Lori is the person to go to about admin problems that the front desk can’t help with
  • She can advise on courses and she is the one who is in charge of the CS courses on RAMSS

Isaac Woungang, Computer Science Undergraduate Program Advisor (ENG 288)

  • Kind of like the guidance counsellor (just with a lot more responsibilities)
  • For career and academic advising
  • You can book appointments with the program director

Eric Harley, Computer Science Chair (ENG 288)

  • The chair of the program is the professor who is in charge of running our department
  • (Quick lesson. There are programs, like computer science, that are run by the Chair. Then there are faculties, like science, that are run by the Dean, and then there’s the Vice Provosts and then the president of the university who oversees everyone)
  • You would go to the chair if a problem isn’t being resolved at the professor level and you need to go above their head (this is for serious reasons)

Computer Science Course Union (CSCU), ENG 111 Main Page: CSCU

  • We are here to give you a bunch of different opportunities both academic and non academic that make life in CS more fun/enjoyable
  • We run events like LAN/Game Nights, Career Speaker Events, we help with Frosh, and we can be your go-to advice place once you start here
  • We are pretty awesome, and you should definitely come and talk to us, or contact us somehow if you have questions or want to get involved

University-Wide Contacts

Academic Accommodation Support, SLC 4th Floor

  • Contact AAS if you are a student who has a disability (permanent or temporary) you can register with AAS to receive accommodations such as extra time on exams or private exam rooms if you provide AAS with the proper documentation (psycho-education assessment for example may be required, call for more info)
  • DO NOT WAIT UNTIL LAST MINUTE because registration takes a while
  • Even if you don’t need accommodations for first semester, register now because they last for the whole time you’re in university (in case you need them later on you won’t need to register then)
  • Phone: 416-979-5290
  • Email:
  • Website:

Student Learning Support, SLC 4th Floor

  • Provides tons of free services to students from Math Tutoring, to Writing Coaches to English as an Additional Language Support
  • Check our for more information
  • So many different things you can get help on here, you just have to know about them
  • 416-598-5978

Career Centre, POD 60

  • Helps with career-related things
  • Has resume and cover letter advisors who will help make them
  • Can do mock interviews
  • Will even take your LinkedIn Profile Picture and advise you on how to use LinkedIn well

Centre for Counselling and Development, JOR 07C

  • Counsellors available to help with all sorts of student issues
  • Relationships, mental health, bad grades, family troubles, sexual health/violence and all other personal troubles
  • Also run support groups for various issues
  • Wait times can be very long unless in crisis, so I suggest you book ahead of time

Student Life, POD Building

Ryerson Student's Union, SCC Building

  • Helps with student life, issues and other general things
  • Runs tons of programs from equity centres to leadership events