Co-Operative Education

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What is Co-Op?

Co-Operative Education is when you go on "work terms" after completing your second year of studies at Ryerson. There are a variety of different options, such as 4 month work terms all the way to 16 month work terms. If you choose the co-op option, you need to have a 2.8 GPA at the end of first year, and a 3.0 at the end of second year and throughout the rest of your time at Ryerson. If you drop below this, you will be removed from co-op and into the normal program.
You apply for jobs, if you get accepted into the co-op program, at the end of second year. You can select jobs that you wish to apply for through a job portal and send resumes and stuff. It's a great way to get jobs that are meant for students, but you are also welcome to find your own jobs if the co-op coordinator approves.

Is Co-op Worth It?

It is not necessary but it s definitely not a waste of time either. It is a great learning experience to get you ready to work before it is “real” workplaces. Some people don’t want to spend an extra year before graduation, and that is perfectly fine. It’s great because you can get paid a good amount. Also good because if you don’t know what area you want to go into, this can be a great way to learn what areas you enjoy or hate. At the end of the day, if you know your stuff you’ll be hired shortly after graduation with or without co-op.