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The CSCU manages and has access to a few (virtual) servers. Almost all of these servers are run from one physical machine. The CSCU names its servers after Norse Gods.

Server List


Named after the tree of life. This name was chosen since Yggdrasil is the the hypervisor that runs on the CSCU Server, and is used to deploy other virtual machines.


Odin is a virtual machine that is currently hosted by the Department. It hosts various web services for the CSCU and other student groups (on behalf of the CSCU).


  • CSCU DNS Server (controls all * domains)
  • CSCU Website
  • CSCU Mailing List
  • RSS Mailing List
  • RSS Website
  • CPC Mailing List
  • WICS Website
  • CSCU Exam Bank (currently down)


Frejya is the CSCU's docker web application deployment machine. All web applications running on this machine run in Docker containers for streamlined management and administration. Students who wish to have web applications deployed by the CSCU on Frejya can contact the CSCU directly.


  • Deployment of student web applications
  • Docker
  • Nginx Server
  • Minecraft Server
  • IRC Server (Planned)
  • ZNC Bouncer (Planned)
  • Mumble Server (Planned)


Formerly a server that resided underneath the desk of the CSCU office. It used to host the CSCU's secondary DNS server, as well as the CSCU's authentication system. It is now planned to be a general purpose moon alternative for students to use if they require more computation time.


A former lab machine, now the CSCU office computer. It is a general purpose network attached computer used for various internal purposes by the CSCU.